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Our story so far...

FinTech North was created by Whitecap Consulting and White Label Crowdfunding as a response to London centricity within the UK FinTech sector. The first ever FinTech North event took place as part of the inaugural Leeds Digital Festival, as a way of bringing together the FinTech community in the North.

Momentum behind FinTech North began to build, as we hosted another full-day conference as part of Leeds Digital Festival.

FinTech North began to deliver more events in more locations across the North, including our first conference in Manchester, hosted at the University of Manchester. FinTech North became a limited company.

FinTech North truly became pan-Northern, hosting events in Newcastle and Liverpool as well as Manchester and Leeds, giving us coverage in the North East, North West and Yorkshire for the first time. We hired our first employee, meaning FinTech North now had a full-time dedicated resource. FinTech North also works in partnership with the Department for Business and Trade to deliver international trade activity.

With over 20 organisations supporting FinTech North through a challenging period, we adapted our events programme to bring the entire North together virtually.

We made a return to face-to-face networking, delivering hybrid events across the North of England. FinTech North further increased its resource, hiring its second employee in a part-time role.

Alongside a growing events programme, FinTech North supported several inbound and outbound international trade delegations. FinTech North now had a team of two full-time employees.

FinTech North experienced a milestone year, hosting over 100 events across the North, providing value to a community of over 6,000 and various partners and sponsors. FinTech North now has a team of three full-time employees.

With a dedicated team of 3, we're planning to host a bumper-events programme of 30 events across the North and we are working on initiatives to enhance FinTech skills and maximise international trade opportunities.

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