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Luminate Education Group

Luminate Education Group is a collective of education providers based in Yorkshire and is aiming to enhance the current and future skills priorities within Finance and Professional Services.

FinTech North was delighted to announce Luminate as our inaugural Strategic Skills Partner. As a leading consortium of colleges in West Yorkshire, we’re looking forward to working closely with the team at Luminate to positively impact the skills agenda.

By working together as our inaugural Strategic Skills Partner, Luminate Group will be able to increase skill levels, involve more FPS workers in training programmes, improve employment levels and attract and retain workers into the sector.

As part of this partnership, FinTech North will also support the launch of the West Yorkshire Finance and Professionals Skills report; delivered alongside Whitecap Consulting.

Luminate will continue to play an integral role to all future Skills focussed activities this year, including our upcoming Leeds Conference where they will play a leading role as part of a Skills-themed panel discussion.

To find out more about our partnership, click the link(s) in the top right of the segment.

The Digital Innovation – FinTech project, funded by the UK Government’s Local Skills Improvement Funding (LSIF), seeks to address current and future skill priorities in the region and is a direct response to the recommendations of the Yorkshire and Humber Financial and Professional Services Skills Commission.

Luminate Education Group

How we've worked with Luminate Education Group...

Rebecca Fores, Associate Dean of Higher Education

Rebecca Fores, Associate Dean of Higher Education FROM Luminate Education Group

“Our alliance with FinTech North acts as a concrete step towards bolstering the availability of FinTech skills within West Yorkshire and beyond. Together, we’re committed to equip individuals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive, provide valuable talent pipelines for FinTech and Financial Services employers and unlock real employment opportunities for the region.”

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Luminate Education Group
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