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Manchester is the place where finance meets the future. Home to a thriving community of traditional finance institutions and cutting-edge innovation, Manchester is the UK’s fastest growing fintech sector which contributes more than £1billion to the regional economy.

Across Greater Manchester you will witness a vibrant concentration of ingenious startups, visionary scaleups and global Fintechs converging, collaborating and driving digital transformation. Manchester is a home of disruptive collaboration where firms like GFT and Starling’s Engine are working together to create the digital bank of the future.

In Manchester, Payments disruptors are rewriting the rules of transactions, creating a seismic shift in the financial landscape. With a workforce totalling 10,000 people across nearly 250 active firms, global brands like Adyen, OakNorth, Klarna and MoneySuperMarket complement homegrown Fintechs including Interactive Investor, AccessPay and Raisin alongside 14,000 other financial services and technology companies.

Laying claim to 25 Nobel Laureates, innovation is at the heart of Greater Manchester’s ethos. Fintechs are benefiting from the quality of our academic institutions and the five universities in the city-region have a proven track record of working with Fintechs on R&D projects. Alliance Manchester Business School launched the Centre for Financial Technology Studies in 2022; a knowledge and research hub to accelerate digital advancements in finance across areas like cryptocurrency, A.I. and Green Finance. Their mission is to develop cutting-edge research to support the Fintech revolution whilst educating the next generation of analysts, managers, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs.


“Manchester is one of the most important tech hubs in the UK. London’s success as a global fintech hub enables it to spread wealth and jobs throughout the UK and the wider economy. That’s exactly what we’re doing with this office in Manchester”

Anne Boden, Founder, Starling Bank

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