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Brightbox Group release E-Book addressing contemporary issues in the tech marketplace – Available to read now

The UK tech market is playing a leading role in some of the most exciting tech-based businesses across the globe. However, access to skills and resource, especially against the backdrop of Covid-19, is curbing the pace and progress of a number of organisations.

FinTech North partners Brightbox Group attempt to address these issues in their new e-book named “An approach to sourcing technology resource: onshore, nearshore and offshore.” It provides a contemporary view on the technology marketplace and its current challenges, providing an alternative view for tech organisations, tech leaders and hiring teams for the options available to them as we embark on a new way of working in a post-Covid environment.

The FinTechs we speak to are facing recruitment and resourcing issues, as businesses try to find the right talent to help grow their teams and scale the business. The publication provides great insight to tackle these issues and covers new ways of working in a post-Covid environment for tech organisations, tech leaders and hiring teams.

A quick preview of the report finds:

Discussion of the Tech Market in 2022;

“The Global Digital Transformation Market is Expected to Grow from $469.8 Billion in 2020 to $1,009.8 Billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 16.5%”.

This is “driven by increasing penetration of IoT and the adoption of cloud services…(and the) increasing penetration of mobile devices and apps”

Covid-19 was the brutal digital catalyst for many hundreds of thousands of companies in the UK, as they struggled to stay connected to customers, open for service, and focused on survival amid global economic turmoil.

  • “75% of technologists say their response to the pandemic has created more IT complexity than they have ever experienced…(and a) 3x increase in digital transformation and rapid innovation deployment has led to a complex patchwork of legacy and cloud technologies”.
  • “79% (of respondents) said the technology decisions they make directly impact the performance of the business…(but) 66% said they lack the strategy and tools to effectively measure how technology decisions impact business outcome”

The future of tech staff resourcing;

In their report, Brightbox Group describes the answer to this global problem lies in using the very global networks that have expanded as a result of improved latency, a more digitally connected society, and changes to our understanding of collaborative workflows. The answer lies in decentralising your project management and tech demands through Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore talent solutions.

As well as vital business insight from the frontline of UK Tech, and how you can get started traditional and new resource sourcing models.

Want to read more? The full e-book is available to read on Brightbox Group’s website here.

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