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FCA launch Incubation and Acceleration (IncA) network – expressions of interest survey open now

The Financial Conduct Authority are launching the Incubation and Acceleration (IncA) Network – an engagement strategy designed to convene the community across the innovation ecosystem, with the purpose to integrate insights and learnings throughout the Permanent Digital Sandbox and TechSprint framework.

The Incubation and Acceleration (IncA) Network will primarily be involved in refining the utility of the use cases throughout the TechSprint program and becoming a hand off channel for participants in the TechSprint and/or Permanent Digital Sandbox program who are seeking further opportunities to develop their solution and identify routes to market. IncA will also play a key role in supporting the propositions that are ideated throughout the FCA programmes.

The FCA Innovation Lab will look to engage with the network through a cadence of regular touch-points and discussions sessions, with an option for interested representatives to ‘opt-in’ to further engagement on program focus areas. They are keen to engage with representatives from organisations focusing on financial innovation such as:

  • Incubator or accelerator programs
  • Industry network
  • Investment firms

The FCA are in the first phase of shaping and mobilising this strategy, and as part of this are reaching out with an expression of interest survey to understand where relevant stakeholder groups would be interested in joining the Network to get the most value. To fill this survey out, click here.

The submission of interest portal will be open indefinitely and we will review expressions of interest on an ongoing basis, determining admission on a variety of relevant factors such as relevance of organisation and role of representative, existing presence of organisation in network and commitment to uphold support expectations as a member of the network.

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