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FCA Surgery Sessions at FinTech North

Last week the FCA announced it is to focus on Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh as it looks to help support and drive regional innovation in financial services across the UK.


We are delighted to announce that the regulator will be offering attendees at FinTech North the opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion to explore this with them directly.

In 2014, the FCA launched Innovate aimed at fostering competition through innovation by helping innovative firms navigate the regulatory landscape.

In 2015 the FCA launched the Regulatory Sandbox which allows businesses to test and develop innovative models while in close contact with the regulator to make sure they are safe and appropriate for consumers.

The 15 minute regulatory surgery sessions are aimed at innovative firms who want to speak to the FCA about specific regulatory issues or questions they face, which could act as a precursor to applications for formal support via the FCA’s Innovate Direct Support team. The FCA can also provide a brief overview of their services (of which you can get more information on the website.)

The sessions will be run on an appointment-only basis. Ahead of the event, any interested firms should submit information based on the questions below so that the FCA can ascertain the nature of your business, and whether they are in a position to be able to offer support in your individual case. This information should include:

Description of your business model in 30 words

In what way is the business model innovative?

Provide a sample question you would like to ask the FCA

Have you previously applied to the Innovation Hub for support? If yes, please explain.

Book your 15-minute-session now:

Simply send your responses to the above questions to the FCA  Innovation Hub – and they will contact you  about an appointment.

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