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Lenvi and FinTech North to work in Strategic Partnership to Foster Innovation in the North

FinTech North is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Lenvi, a Leeds-based FinTech specialising in B2B consumer and commercial lending software and solutions. We are thrilled to have them on board to kickstart 2024 as headline sponsors at our Liverpool Conference on the 28th of March. This partnership is poised to showcase innovative technology in the lending space and foster collaboration within the Northern FinTech community.

Lenvi is at the forefront of transforming lending through their expertise in B2B consumer and commercial lending software and solutions. With a global perspective, market insight, and a comprehensive suite of services, Lenvi offer cutting-edge solutions including loan management software, risk management software, mortgage and loan servicing, standby servicing, and Know Your Customer (KYC). Founded on decades of real-world experience, Lenvi is dedicated to helping organizations build a better future through innovative lending technologies.

We are continually excited by the prospect of expanding and nurturing the FinTech ecosystem, and are sure the community are eager to see how our new partners, Lenvi, will shape our content in 2024. FinTech North looks forward to sharing these collaborative endeavors with our community, providing a platform for knowledge-sharing, fostering connections, and highlighting the remarkable advancements that will undoubtedly shape the future of the industry.

FinTech North can’t wait to collaborate with Lenvi in 2024, leveraging their global expertise and contributing to the FinTech North community’s mission of driving positive change and advancement in financial technology. This partnership signifies a commitment to shaping the future of lending technology and providing impactful solutions to the financial sector.

As well as coming on board as headline sponsors at our upcoming Liverpool Conference, we are excited to announce that Lenvi will be our panel sponsors at the Leeds conference in Q2. Additionally, FinTech North is proud to support  Lenvi through various event activities throughout 2024, further solidifying our collaborative efforts to drive positive change and showcase innovation in the FinTech space.


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