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Fintech North partners with TISA for 2018 conferences


FinTech North is proud to be collaborating with TISA (Tax Incentivised Savings Association) this year as both organisations look to facilitate knowledge share in the northern FinTech sector.

In a letter to TISA members, Director General David Dalton-Brown wrote:

“TISA is teaming up with FinTech North to launch the Northern hub of our TISA FinTech Forum at a series of three events in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. These will be a great opportunity to hear more about the Forum, have your say on how best it could meet your needs and participate in a fascinating one-day FinTech conference, we do hope you will be able to join us.” 

The TISA FinTech Forum

TISA has decided to establish a Forum in response to requests to make their expertise, member firms and broader sector contacts in the regulatory and legal aspects of financial services accessible to the burgeoning FinTech sector.

We are delighted to be working with FinTech North to help bring our expertise and support to the region. FinTech North has been specifically established to build a FinTech community across the Northern Powerhouse, providing a platform for sharing best practice, showcasing regional talent, facilitating connections and generating tangible economic benefit for the regions and cities within it – David Dalton-Brown, Director General, TISA.

TISA at FinTech North 2018

TISA will be showcasing their FinTech Forum at the three major one day conferences run by FinTech North:

–  Leeds – 26th April

–  Manchester – 22nd May

–  Liverpool – 12th June

At each conference TISA will expand on the three key market challenges that FinTech firms face and that are not being addressed by the existing support services, these are:

1. The required expertise in the regulation and law that FinTech businesses must operate within; including all aspects of securing authorisation with regulators through to the development of services and products that are compliant with regulation and law (UK or non-UK regulation and law)

2. The required regulatory and legal expertise to successfully meet the requirements of trading in EU and Global markets

3. Access to the necessary regulatory and legal compliance expertise to support the development of business at a cost that meets the economics of the developing FinTech business.

TISA will be actively seeking attendee input at these conferences on these priorities and how to shape the Forum to enable it to support members effectively.

TISA and digital innovation

TISA is a unique, consumer focused membership organisation. Its aim is to improve the financial wellbeing of consumers by aligning the interests of people, the financial services industry and the UK economy. TISA’s growing membership currently numbers 190 firms representing all sectors of the UK financial services industry.

Digitalisation is a key theme of TISA’s work and it has a number of initiatives underway that will benefit consumers, FinTech firms and that support the digital aspirations of the UK Government.

Much of this work is overseen by TISA’s Digital Innovation Policy Council comprising senior representatives from member firms. In addition to the FinTech Forum TISA has made significant progress towards developing a digital identity for consumers of financial products; is leading an industry project to devise a digital solution to deliver MiFID II costs & charges requirements, while TISA is acknowledged as a champion of open, interoperable standards – as demonstrated by TISA Exchange Limited (TeX), an industry utility to facilitate the transfer of assets and wrappers.

Further details about TISA are available at:


Sign up for the FinTech North 2018 Conferences here.

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