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MARKET RESEARCH SURVEY: Entry-level Fintech Talent Apprenticeships Programme

At FinTech North, our overarching aim is to help grow the fintech ecosystem in the North of England. A key component of our objectives is to build, attract and retain talent in the region.

From our engagement with the Northern fintech community, we know that recruiting, training, managing and retaining new talent can be challenging. With our established role in the sector, we feel as though we are well placed to assist.

Therefore, we’re researchign demand for a fintech apprenticeship, in conjunction with a delivery partner. The aims of which are to:

  • Attract and retain some of the best graduate talent in the North
  • Accelerate practical workplace skills development
  • Provide a professional, social culture
  • Promote fintech as a desirable career option

With that said, we’ve curated a survey that aims to measure demand and appetite for entry-level undergraduate and postgraduate apprenticeships. We need your input. If you’re one of the following, we’d massively appreciate your time to fill out our survey:

  • A tech employer with fintech clients, or
  • A financial services employer with an empahsis on tech, or
  • Interested in the FinTech apprenticeships initiative

The survey should take c.3 minutes and will help validate demand for our vision. You can fill this in here.

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