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Meet the Advisory Board: Richard Carter

Richard Carter is one of our valued Advisory Board members at FinTech North. Along with his colleagues, Richard has been helping to shape the strategy at FinTech North and has been supporting our activity for the past 6 months.

Richard is a familiar face to many in the FinTech North community, being the former Managing Director of Equiniti Credit Services and having spoken at many FinTech North events down the years.

We sat down with Richard to get his views on the future of FinTech, our community and our organisation. Click the video below to watch the interview, or read on for the full article!

Tell us about yourself?

“I am a veteran of the UK lending sector. I have built, sold and merged technology businesses. I’ve been at the forefront of change in our market – working in teams that have pioneered the online lending space in the UK. I’ve been really fortunate to be at the forefront of that work and to see how the industry has transitioned.”

“I stepped back from my role as MD at EQ Credit Services. That was mainly so I could focus on a more plural role, particularly on businesses that excited me. I have a number of non exec and advisory roles including, of course, FinTech North.”


What do you think about FinTech North?

“It’s a great organisation. I think for too long the North has been a tech powerhouse. There are numerous high profile businesses that are established here but over the years they’ve been pretty quiet.”

“FinTech North has been a brilliant movement to galvanise support, highlight range and depth of skills we have in the North. It helps the region to get it’s voice and show what it has to offer. I’m really proud of the work it’s done and even prouder to be involved in it.”


What do you hope we can achieve together?

“A lot has been achieved over the last few years. But I think impressively, the events during the lockdown period have brought the community together. The recent hybrid event in Manchester brought different stakeholders together across a range of different disciplines.”

“I’m sure we’ll see a lot more networking events in the future, I imagine FinTech North will continue to demonstrate the value it can bring to the region.”


What are the main opportunities you see for FinTech North and for FinTech in the North?

“I think at a more holistic level, there’s a need for all of the regions to work together in unison and try some of the UK wide FinTech initiatives and the Kalifa Review is an important component of that.”

“I think that FinTech North is a prime mover in that endeavour. It’s to help drive that initiative across the UK. One word to sum it up, for me, is collaboration. It’s something that FinTech North, uniquely, can bring.”

Thanks again to Richard for his time and continued support for FinTech North.

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