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Sandpiper Consulting

Sandpiper Consulting is a leading consultancy staffed by a team of highly skilled change professionals, dedicated to being your trusted partner in navigating organisational transformations. Specialising in Project Management, Operational Optimisation, and Business Analysis, we cater to diverse sectors such as Banks, Building Societies, Outsourcers, Mortgages, Savings, Consumer Finance, Insurers, Brokers, MGA’s, and Claims Management.

With a proven track record, our agile approach has successfully delivered projects spanning Change Strategy, Digital Transformation, Platform Migrations, Regulatory Change, Tech Refresh/Upgrades, Change Methodology, Software/Service Integration, Operational Optimisation, Procurement Support, Payments, Product Management, Mail Digitisation, Contact Centre, and Service Design.

Embark on a transformative journey with Sandpiper Consulting, ensuring your organisation not only addresses today’s challenges but also seizes tomorrow’s opportunities. Elevate your business with the confidence that comes from having transformation specialists by your side.

For inquiries or a confidential chat, contact Lindsay Swinson at or 07984496177.




3rd Floor · 6 Wellington Place, Leeds · LS1 4AP

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