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Shining a light on UK’s FinTech disrupters

BusinessCloud’s FinTech correspondent Mo Aldalou urges you to nominate cutting-edge firms or individuals for the publisher’s ‘101 FinTech Disrupters’ list

I attended a business conference recently in which one of the keynote speakers said that ‘disruption and change is the new normal’.

He was speaking generally, but those words certainly hold true in the world of FinTech.

As journalists it’s crucial that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest technology developments, and although I find the artificial intelligence space hugely exciting, I personally don’t think there’s a more disruptive sector than FinTech.

Did you know that it contributes a whopping £7 billion to the UK’s economy every year and employs more than 60,000 people?

I was amazed when I read the figures. But perhaps it’s not so surprising, especially when you consider that London-based Revolut has recently become the UK’s latest tech unicorn after raising $250m in funding.

The company boasts 250,000 daily active users and has an ambitious target to attract 100m customers in the next five years.

FinTech is undeniably changing the world of finance for consumers, whether it’s an aspiring digital challenger bank like Monzo or a small start-up developing an app that lets you pay for your household bills.

It’s precisely for that reason that BusinessCloud wants to shine a light on the disrupters and innovators of the sector.

We’ve recently decided to launch a nationwide search to find the 101 FinTech Disrupters for our upcoming list which will feature in the next edition of the magazine – and the nominations are already pouring in.

The potential for the sector is huge, levelling the playing field for bootstrapped SMEs, helping users manage their finances more effectively and breathing new life into the UK’s economy.

By showcasing the nation’s most exciting FinTech disrupters we hope to help them achieve those goals.

The bottom line is there that the world of FinTech is here to stay and has the ability to disrupt almost any sector.

Even tennis star Andy Murray recognises its potential, as he’s recently ploughed cash in Investly and

Landbay as part of his strategic partnership with crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

As BusinessCloud editor Chris Maguire said: “The world is moving towards a cashless society so the level of innovation and disruption is only going to speed up.”

The deadline for nominations for our 101 FinTech Disrupters list is 22 June, so I urge you to get in touch and spread the word.

Read more about the 101 FinTech Disrupters list and nominate here:

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