Kani is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provider for Financial Technology (FinTech) companies. Kani’s aim is to build a comprehensive back office platform, so their clients can focus their attention and resources on building innovative products and services.

Speak to us about automating your Reconciliation and reporting processes. We’re card scheme, processing platform and bank agnostic – we consume data from many third party sources to provide our users with a common view across many partners and suppliers.

Our first core product is a reporting and reconciliation suite that, among other things:

– Provides data visualisation for issuers and program managers

– Fulfils reporting requirements like the Mastercard Quarterly Member Report (QMR) and Visa Quarterly Operating Certificate (QOC)

– Fulfils regulatory requirements like calculating Average Outstanding Electronic Money (AOEM) in order to work out ‘own funds’​ requirements under 2PSD & 2EMD

– Performs settlement reconciliation, matching processor reported amounts to the card scheme advisement, and the advisement to the actual movement of money from the bank account


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